Wow! The last year has been a whirlwind for us and we’ve put everything we’ve got and more into ESSENCH. Some of the things we’ve achieved last year:

  • Launched our range of BREWED soaps 
  • Launched our range of PURE bath bombs and bath salts 
  • Grew our own herbs and flowers to add to our products 
  • Turned a garage space into an office and cleanroom, reducing travel miles to work and saving our clients money with lower overheads. 
  • We were commended by Beauty Shortlist in the Wellbeing category 
  • Started our #beethechange champaign to help our pollinating bees, gave out 200 packets of sunflowers, and even though the weather was challenging we saw hundreds of them grow. 
  • We grew our wholesale suppliers and sold our bath bombs and cosmetics around the world
  • Cut off 7 inches of hair to donate to the Little Princess Trust
  • Got to meet some customers in person at the wonderful Bert & Gert Markets in Solihull
  • Completed our diploma in Herbal Medicine 
  • Became part of Theo Paphitis’Small Business Sunday tribe, and will meet the man himself in February at a party for the winners. 
  • Became an approved supplier of Complementary Medical Association.
  • We spent hours, hours, and more hours developing our Whitelabel products ranges. Making our products perfect for clients needs. 
  • We assisted people in making their beauty brand dreams come true, taking them from ideas to the brand being in shops. 

On top of all this, we battled bouts of Endometriosis, Covid, a flooded kitchen, and worst of all homeschooling; but still found some time to meet friends and go on wonderful country walks. 

Looking back it was all a bit much, we pushed and pushed ourselves to the point we almost broke. So this year we’re going to be a more focused business and with that in mind, we’re taking time to target our values and mission and have chosen a word, to sum up, our personal and business needs for the year. 

That word is BALANCE. 

In 2022 we’ll be taking a more balanced approach to our business and life, so one does not outweigh the other. We’ll be focusing on expanding the parts of the business we love, manufacturing, discovering new herbal blends and production. We just adore the buzz of taking that small idea and developing it through each stage until it’s an end product in our client’s hand. 

Don’t worry we’ll still be developing our own product range and growing our retail offer, showcasing the best of ESSENCH and the power of nature to heal body and mind. It’s just this won’t be the primary focus in the future. 

We’ll be streamlining our procedures and building some great resources to help your business grow but we’ll also share our experiences as business owners to take care of our wellbeing and look at how we can give back to our community.

We hope you’ll follow our journey. 

If you’d like to chat about growing your business dreams into reality email us at or drop us a DM through our social media channels.