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Either white Label our existing range of products with your branding or select our private label services and create your own by adding a twist to existing formulas with a variety of aromatherapy oils available for you to choose from.

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White Label

This is the fastest and most budget friendly option to start your own brand. We have a range of existing products to choose from ready to go in the UK and EU market. We have a low MOQ of 25 units per SKU.

As the products are existing formulas we will complete all UK product registrations for you free of charge. EU has additional charges 

Our White Label includes changing existing label designs with your logo, colours and font included in the price. However you can opt for our  design team to create labels unique to you.

Private Label

We consider private label services to be a type of personal request service. It’s a way to have some creativity of existing formulas by adding your own twist giving the product a completely new identity 

When a product is adapted it requires to be retested and a new CPSR completed. Even a scent alteration requires new CPSR because it is this document that will provide the new allergy information. A MOQ is 50 units per SKU.

With Private Label, you have more control over your product designs including its finished product packaging. Our Design team can help you create your dream labels with your unique branding running through every aspect.

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Want to try before you buy?

Select from our product range the products you would like to test. We charge the unit cost per item plus the packaging cost. You can order as many samples as you like to check the quality of our products. All samples are made fresh to order as we do not stock products on our shelves. 

want a custom formula?

Need a custom-made product? No problem! Learn more about our bespoke product service.


All the packaging we source will have the environment at the top of its priorities. All our ingredients come from nature so its important for us to protect those ingredients.

Glass packaging


We find  not only does glass give our product the weight that is often found in high-end cosmetics, but it is also best friends with Mother Earth, because it can be used again or recycled. We can source both clear and frosted glass for your products.

Metal Packaging


We use metal in a lot of our packaging. Metal is sustainable, because it is both recyclable and reusable. We top all of our glass jars and bottles with metal lids and we use metal containers for products like balms when glass would be too fragile to use.

Biodegradable Film

Our bath bombs usually come individually-wrapped in 100% biodegradable and compostable wood pulp film bags. If you chose to have your final products wrapped separately, this option looks like plastic, but it is oh so kind to the environment.

Eco Friendly Packaging

Other Earth-Friendly Packaging

We offer a wide selection of earth-friendly packaging and label options. Depending on your product, you can choose from: Seeded Paeper, Recycled Paper and Card, or a whole host of earth-kind materials.

As a brand their all-natural products are fantastic, and actually work! The feedback we have had from our own customers, specifically about the Intense Hair Serum and the day and night CBD Oils has been phenomenal. As a company, Essench are one of our favourite brands to work with, due to their professionalism, knowledge and their willingness to go above and beyond. If you are new to CBD or a regular user, Essench CBD products should definitely be on your list.

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