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Currently there is no regulation on products we use on our furry companions which could not only be affecting them but also your own skin

We check what we put on our skin but not what we put on theirs

it’s time for change and now so please help us get the signatures we need to take this to Parliament and make government introduce compliance regarding pet products

They matter just as much as we do!

Please sign and share our petition to protect the welfare of our animals


Cosmetic Compliance

When our brand was born we found very little support or services available that could have helped guide us through the process, and if we did find one it was either too expensive or didn’t cover the points we needed. Therefore our services are aimed to provide that support and assistance that doesn’t break the bank and is all in one place. We know it seems a complicated process but we are here to make sure you understand the process every step of the way and make the decision that’s right for you and your business.


We have a variety of options available whether you require just our consultancy services or the full RP services the choice is yours depending on the amount of work you wish to complete yourself. We have broken our services down into categories to help you make that decision. These include:

cosmetic Compliance
Formulation & CPSR
  • We offer Bespoke Formulation Services  to help create your vision along with product production  Or we can assist you to take your own formulations through the compliance process 
  • Full CPSR, Stability and Preservative Efficacy Testing for aqua based products.
UK & EU Cosmetic Responsible Person
  • All cosmetics placed on the UK and EU market must have an appointed RP, this is the person that  has the legal responsibility to ensure compliance is met.we only act as a responsible person for products formulated and manufactured by essench cosmetics Ltd,  This is a complementary service with all our existing cosmetics available in our White Label Range. 
    • We complete both UK and EU CPNP registrations 
    • Manufacturing files – All manufacturing processes must comply with ISO 22716:2007 guidelines and complete relevant good manufacturing documents to prove compliance along with ongoing BN and production information.
Consultancy Services
 If you wish to act as your own RP then we can provide training and support to help with registration and processes. Cost is calculated based on the amount of support you require 


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cosmetic Compliance

Responsible Person Explained


What does RP (Responsible Person) mean?

As defined in Article 4 of Regulation EC No 1223/2009, a Responsible Person is a legal or natural person who ensures the compliance of each cosmetic product in the EU market with relevant obligations as set forth in this Regulation.

RP Responsibilites

PIF File – Material safety data sheets and certificate of analysis for all raw ingredients are required and must be updated for every batch of ingredients purchased including allergen declarations. These documents must be readily available for any audit of compliance verification. A product manufacturing file is also required to record and maintain BN information, all products must have traceability.

Label Compliance – When registering a product on the market a label file must be included during registration to ensure label compliance is met. We have our design services on hand to assist with label requirements. If we are acting as your RP and you are providing your own label you must prove a PDF format of all labels for production registration including a photo of the finished product.

UK & EU Cosmetic Portal Registrations
Since Brexit there are some vital changes to comply with both regulations. The Uk and EU portal is no longer a combined service and each one has its own requirements.

  • UK – products can only be sold if the product has a designated UK RP with a registered UK address.
  • EU including NI – Products can only be sold if a designated EU RP is assigned to the products with an EU registered address. Products with a UK address are no longer permitted to be sold in the EU.

We are registered for UK and EU as a dedicated Responible Person. We can cover both of these areas on your behalf. We can assist with your own registration for both of these areas however our details cannot be used to act as the RP unless we have manufactured the pGet roduct. We would never be the legal entity for products we have not created and monitored the quality.

It is a criminal offence to place a product on the market that does not comply with all the relevant laws. Its amazing how many products we see or discussions we’ve had where brand owners have had good intentions to adhere to compliance but unfortunately received the wrong guidance and realised that product has not been registered at all. This can result in heavy fines and in serious cases, imprisonment, if that product has caused harm.

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