We are now approaching the end of this Summers #beethechange campaign and even though it was our first year hosting this campaign, we have had so much fun spreading these seeds in as many places as possible.  Seeing all the photos of the flowers growing in allotments, gardens and schools have been a blessing, knowing that we have helped make that change.

Why did we choose sunflowers?

Sunflowers contain hundreds and thousands of tiny individual florets that contain nectar and pollen, which is a fantastic supply for pollinators. They also offer something for all, as the seeds and leaves provide food for such animals as birds, insects, squirrels, and humans. All parts of the plant can be used for a variety of products from food to beauty products.

We started this campaign because we grow a lot of our ingredients including the lavender and calendula at our allotment but with climate change issues and the growing use of pesticides, our natural pollinators are suffering. We all need to make the change required to stop additional damage to our environment. This is where we began our efforts to increase some tasty treats to give our wildlife a boost this summer and after the year we have all had we thought adding some beautiful sunflowers to your garden can help brighten up your day and improve your mental health.

How one small seed can grow great ideas.

This display was produced by Little Ripley Day Nursery in Sutton Coldfield, with the help of their teacher. We met Karen their teacher at one of the markets we attended one Saturday afternoon and hit it off straight away due to our passion to help the bees and protect our wildlife. We later received a message that our campaign, and a child stomping on a bee in the garden, launched their teacher to bring the importance of pollinators to their school curriculum. We can only make the change if we educate, and this school has worked so hard to produce this beautiful piece of work.

The children even created a song that they can use to help make the learning that bit more fun and I think it’s a great way to encourage them. Their song goes:

Pollination, Pollination, it’s the job bees do,
They move the pollen, to other flowers, so their seeds can grow.
We need Pollination wh-oooo uh-oooo
Bees are pollinators
Wh-oooo uh-o-oo…

Not only did they create a song, but they played various games and looked in-depth into bees and how they function. So, a big well done to little Ripley for all your hard work and efforts. We hope that more schools will follow suit as we continue to build awareness.

What’s next?

We gave away 200 packets of beautiful Ruby Passion sunflowers, potentially adding 2000 sunflowers into nature. These were given away with purchases, given to local allotments and to community groups and schools. We wanted to share our love of growth, nature, and loving the environment with others. Although we had challenging weather, we are filled with joy to see all the beautiful sunflowers you have grown, and they’re a gift that keeps giving. Saving the seed heads for the birds and keeping so seeds to grow again next year, it’s beautiful the cycle that can keep growing from a handful of seeds.

We will be looking at a similar campaign next year because protecting our environment and the animals within it never stops, and neither does our love of nature. Would you or your school or business like to take part in next year’s campaign? If so please get in touch so we can keep you updated when the new campaign launches.