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You only get one chance to make a first impression. Our in-house design team makes it easy for you to put your best foot forward when bringing your product to market.

Not only can our deicated design team assist you in all things design (you can see all the services we offer down below) but we work hand in hand with them to ensure all your products meet all the legislative guidelines. The labels on all cosmetic and personal care products must contain a list of ingredients used as well as other relevent information about the product. This information is identical for the same product across the European Union, including Northern Ireland, and in the market of Great Britain.

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 Our Design Team has over 25+ years of design experience. They take in to account what the ehthos of your brand and what you key demographic is to create stunning designs your customers will fall in love with.

We offer a wide range of design services and you can pick and mix which are best for your business. Get the full start-up works of branding, package design, mockups and website, or simply having our design team use your existing branding to create beautiful labels for your new or existing products.

Our hassle-free printing service is also a great option to save you time and money. Your new labels are sent directly to us upon your final approval, and we can crack on with your product production; uninterrupted.

Not only do they create exquisite designs, but they are well versed in the legalities of creating designs which adhere to all current legislation.

Our Design Services

Cosmetic Company Branding


Spruce up the look of your existing brand, or get a completely new look.

cosmetic packaging design

Packaging & Label Design

Put your best foot forward with your new product with our Product Design Service.

Cosmetic Product Mockups

Product Mockups

Need realistic and beautiful images of your product to show off to your customers? We can create those! 

Cosmetic Company web Design

Web Design

Our design team can create a new, shiny, Ecommerce website for you to sell your products online.

Standard Label Materials

Your product labels help solidify your brand and the product benefits but also reflect on the standards of your company. Work with us to add the perfect finishing touches to your product.



Paper Labels

Paper labels come either textured or smoothe, and you have the option to add glossy or matte lamination to make it more durable.

Vinyl Label
Waterproof Vinyl

Standard Labels are white, waterproof vinyl. They are uncoated and come in both glossy and matte finishes.  More urable than paper, these waterproof stickers can withstand more wear and tear both indoors and outdoors due to its water resistant finish and adhesive.

For added durability, you can get the vinyl laminated in either glossy or matte finish.

seed paper
Seeded Paper

We can print your designs on seeded paper which when planted in the soil, will grow into wild flowers.

Recycled Card
Recycled Card

Recycled card is our preferred way of packaging items with tags such as bath bombs.


These high-quality recycled tags are the ideal choice for the environmentally-friendly brand. Made from 100% recycled materials, our uncoated recycled tags are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and made from high-quality office waste paper, sourced from the UK.

metallic Label

These premium HERMA polypropylene with a gold metallic finish. High-shine with a rich gold colour to highlight the quality of any luxury brand.

Add a touch of luxury in with either gold or silver.

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Other Services We offer

Cosmetic Compliance

Bespoke Cosmetic Formulation

White Label And Private Label