Essench is a family business and wants nothing more than our children to continue the work we’ve started. Building our business has led our family to research our impact on nature and our environment. One of the ways we are doing this is making sure we protect our environment and assist in its continued growth and healing. 

This Summer we aim to stretch our reach further and help others protect the local environment by giving our native bees more food this Summer and our birds a food source into Autumn and Winter.

During the Spring we announced our collaboration with SimplySeed to give away 200 packets of Ruby Passion sunflower seeds. Giving you something special to enjoy throughout Summer and your local wildlife a great food source into Autumn.


Originally our competition was for the tallest sunflower and in the junior competition the widest sunflower, however, the late frosts, heavy rains, and erratic temperatures have hampered a lot of gardens this year. 

We have realised a lot of people have lost many of their sunflowers due to the weather but also to animals such as squirrels as the weather has also affected their natural food sources.  We didn’t want people to miss out on entering so we are changing the entering criteria.

large sunflower with red and yellow petals.


For both age groups we are now asking you to post an image to social media; via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook platforms and tag us in as well as using #beethechange 

  • OR  – 

You can also post your sunflower image via email at The image must be titled MY COMPETITION ENTRY #beethechange to enter. Images need to be posted or emailed before 5 pm 21st September. We will choose 1 image from both age groups to win, and the competition will no longer rely on height or size. 


Do you want to collaborate with us on this project?

If you would like to add an eco-friendly home or gift to the hamper for the grand prize there is still time and we will advertise your business across our social media platforms. Email us at