Its Zero Waste Week 2020 and we’re making a lot of noise about it on Social Media. 

We’ve collaborated with some other small businesses to share tips on reducing waste and helping the environment. 


In the EU, 472 kilos of waste is produced per person per year. In 2016, 47% of this waste was recycled or composted. The other 53% either ends up in landfills or is burned.

So, it is important to remember that recycling isn’t the answer & that Zero Waste is about trying to shrink the amount you recycle. Zero waste is about recycling less not more.

Below are 28 of our top tips for going zero waste that you could start doing relatively quickly.


A lot of these things are SUPER easy to do and you don’t have to do everything on this list. Going zero waste is a journey, and every little bit counts!

Easy Ways To Become Zero-Waste

  1. Ask for no straw in your drink order when out.
  2. Don’t leave your house without a full reusable water bottle.
  3. Think second-hand first when purchasing new clothing and share your old clothing with friends and family,
  4. Swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush.
  5. Turn old sheets and towels into handkerchiefs, rags, napkins, and cloths
  6. Try to avoid palm oil – all of our products are 100% palm oil-free!
  7. Instead of buying something when you’re having a bad day, do something. I.e. go on a walk, take a yoga class, meet up with a friend.
  8. Commit to bringing your reusable bags to the supermarket – leave them in your car or near the front door so you don’t forget!
  9. Swap disposable pads and tampons for cloth pads or a menstrual cup.
  10. Change light bulbs to LEDs.
  11. Put on a jumper and socks before turning up the heat at home.
  12. Get some houseplants at a local nursery to purify your air, don’t forget to return the little plastic pots! Meal plan to avoid food waste. Unplug electronics when not in use.
  13. Buy more locally made goods – all our products are handmade to order in Birmingham, UK.
  14. Repair something when it breaks.
  15. Swap little plastic chapstick tubes for DIY lip balm. Our lip balm is housed in a tin rather than plastic!
  16. Reduce your meat consumption. If you’re not ready to go vegetarian start small: try Meatless Monday.
  17. Ask for a real mug at the coffee shop when staying in.
  18. Always run a full dishwasher or load of clothes.
  19. Most sunscreen causes coral bleaching, go coral friendly!
  20. If it’s a 30 minute or less walk, get outside instead of driving.
  21. Learn how to repair a button or hem to extend the life of your clothing.
  22. Look into rechargeable batteries instead of disposables.
  23. Swap cotton rounds for reusable rounds.
  24. Focus on experiences rather than things.
  25. Switch from a plastic disposable razor to a metal safety razor.
  26. Go paperless for all your bills!
  27. Ditch sponges in lieu of compostable scrubs or brushes.
  28. Avoid receipts when out, ask if one has to be printed. Sometimes they do, but not always!
CBD Eyelash serum

Our Zero-Waste Product Of The Week.

When you finish your serum, order the aluminium refill bottle. When that is all gone send it back to us and we will serialise it and refill it for you at a discounted rate.

You may have noticed that a lot of these tips will also save you time and money long term as well!

Also, by changing to alternatives you are often eliminating products that have toxins which is great for personal health.

Once you start changing over to a zero-waste lifestyle you also find organic and non-toxic being the additional benefits in those choices!