Ethical shopping is a particularly important topic. At MettaLife, we would like to promote and educate people on organic, kind and cruelty-free practices, because how often do we stop and think about how shopping affects people, animals and the environment?

What is ethical shopping?

Ethical shopping is shopping practices which benefit both the environment and society. The rise of conscious consumers has pushed retailers to try and be more transparent, allowing them to be aware of where their goods are coming from. This is someone who buys from brands that align with their personal values whenever possible, as many people in Britain want to know more about the products they buy, with this sector constantly growing.

Scientists have been studying terpenes for a while now, and believe that specific terpenes could have particular therapeutic effects. Terpenes are popular in aromatherapy circles for providing holistic, natural healing.

In chemistry terms, terpenes are any of a large group of volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants, especially conifers and citrus trees.

They are based on a cyclic molecule having the formula C10H16.

Terpenes are found in a vast range of plants, including hemp.

Ethical clothing

Fashion is a huge business, which means manufacturers out there are looking to make clothes quickly and more importantly, cheaply. However, some cheaper brands on the UK high street have recently been accused of employing children and of allowing unsafe conditions in their factories.

However, ethical brands operate with sufficient transparency, as customers are becoming more and more aware of where their clothes are coming from and how they are produced in the first place. Essentially, more consumers than ever are looking for ways to shop that help people and planet. By choosing not to buy mass-produced items you can ensure your gifts – or your wardrobe – stands out from the crowd.

Ethical Beauty

Cruelty-free and eco-conscious beauty products will nurture your skin and lower the impacts on our planet whilst giving your well-being a boost!

This is why we chose to partner with a wonderful company – Essench CBD cosmetics. As now, on MettaLife, we can offer CBD oil, CBD body scrub and CBD balm. These have all been ethically sourced, made and then packaged in plastic-free packaging. Ethical shopping isn’t just for yourself though, as we approach the Christmas season it is important to shop consciously and buy ethically. These CBD are great vegan gift options for Men and Women.

How can ethical shopping help the environment?

Unsustainable patterns of production and consumption are affecting globalisation, with the fashion industry generating ridiculous amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. About half of all clothing purchases are discarded in less than a year, so individual shoppers need to learn how to shop more consciously. There are many ethically made clothing brands out there that are really focused on not only protecting the environment but also putting the health and livelihood of those people who are actually making the clothes first.

Seek out ethical brands

Ethical consumerism is all about choosing goods that are ethically sourced, ethically made and ethically distributed. By seeking out ethical brands, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether you would like to shop there. Most fashion manufacturers now have sections of their websites with information about their workers and their environmental policies.

For example, at MettaLife, we are a dedicated team of individuals who support smaller, but ethical, UK independent businesses like Essench CBD cosmetics. Do you share the same ethics as us?

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