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We all want long thick silky-smooth hair, but don’t always know how to get it. A lot of people stick to the usual routine of shampoo conditioner and wonder why they are seeing no changes, the missing key, a serum that is perfect for your hair. 

It must be said that not everyone has the hair type that suits an all-over serum such as those with a more natural oilier root, but this is where our intense hair serum works wonders, it has multiple uses. It works as an all-over treatment from roots to tips overnight, or running through the ends whilst blow-drying and using it on those 

fly-away bits after styling, this serum has multiple benefits.

I was using the INTENSE HAIR SERUM with 250MG CBD. I used this serum on myself as I have fairly oily roots naturally and thought I would try it after seeing it had won an award online, so I put in 5 drops from around 2cm off the root and massaged through to the ends, I then plaited the hair and slept on the hair overnight.

Image of back of a females head her hair is plaited down her back, she is hold a dropper of oil and dripping it into the plaited hair.

The next morning, I washed the mask off with shampoo and a small about of conditioner and it was evident my hair felt shinier, less tangled, and less frizzy. The results are below after just drying with a barrel brush. I am so happy! 

1 week later I then tested this product on clean damp hair, I put two drops in my palms and ran this through my hair from mid-section to ends, this product smells amazing and didn’t feel too heavy!

I chose to leave half my head so I could see a before and after and couldn’t believe my eyes, the right side of my head was still so tangled and frizzy even after using a detangling brush to dry, I applied the same process to my left side and the results were beautiful, just as when I used it as a mask, my hair was smooth shiny and so much easier to tame! I am so happy with this product and cannot wait to see the benefits of using this serum over a few months! 

Nicole Sayer – Birmingham, UK.

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