With more people having to work from home during the lockdown, sales in house plants have risen 82%  according to the Garden Centre Association’s (GCA) Barometer of Trade report. However these little green friends do more than make our homes look green, lush, and inviting, some varieties work hard to clean our air of harmful toxins and recent studies show they have a huge impact on our mental health. 

So how do house plants help my well being?

  • Reduces your stress. Being able to look at greenspaces whether as a garden, orchard, or your potted plant in your home has all been proven to lower your blood pressure and with it your stress levels. This effect on your well being led researchers to discover house plants increase productivity by up to 15%, so you should definitely have them in your office space. 
  • Purifying our air. Our homes are full of dust, pollutants, and chemicals, these can lead to health and breathing issues, fatigue, and stress. Plants absorb our carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Some hero plants such as Spider Plants, Peace Lily, and Boston Fern all filter out impurities improving our air quality and health.
  • Releases endorphins. The act of caring for your houseplants, and looking at their beautiful shapes and colours boosts your mood and releases endorphins, the brain’s happy chemicals. If you are suffering from depression, stress, or anxiety this can be a bonus boost of calming joy in your day.  


Why are we even telling you this?

At ESSENCH we believe in the healing power of plants, from living a natural lifestyle, growing our own food for our family, and protecting our environment. We believe the way to a healthy life is to embrace the earth’s power, protect it, and help it grow.

With that in mind, stay tuned we have some exciting projects coming for 2021.


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