As its mother’s appreciation weekend we wanted to share our story, as being a parent takes more than just a blood connection ❤
I was a little bit of a wild one in my 20s and never thought I would see the day of becoming a mother. I previously had a miscarriage and found it difficult to deal with, so I was adamant I would never get the chance to become a mother, and then came along Jenny in 2008 and turned my world upside down. I became a stepmom to Jack who at the time was just a toddler and going through the terrible 2s which was eventful  😂.
I instantly fell in love and although Jack has his mom and dad, I love him like my own, he’s turning into such a beautiful young man and I’m helping him learn to become an electrician. One day he will continue our family business and make me a super proud stepmother one day. Even at this point, I thought I would never hear the day that somebody called me mom.
That all changed a few years later with the arrival of our beautiful daughter Mia. We planned for a year and was amazed when it worked the first time, I nearly fell off the sofa when I saw the positive result.
She safely arrived into the world in 2011 and a few months later I finally got to hear those words momma. Mia is now 9 and loves that she has two Mommies and she also knows that she doesn’t have the same blood as mommy Chris but it’s crazy as she may not have the same blood, but was born with the same lazy eye as me and actually looks like me, but people do confuse me and jenny as sisters all the time 😂😂 Every time I hear her call me mommy it makes me melt

I got my happy ending, I am grateful every day for my beautiful family and thank Jenny from the bottom of my heart for making me a mommy.
Happy mothering weekend to all the Mothers out there. We hope you all
have a beautiful day❤