Who We Are

Hi, we’re Christina & Jenny.

Welcome to our family business, formulating & manufacturing botanical cosmetics with sustainability and product excellence at its heart.

We began Essench in 2019 knowing we wanted to build a cosmetics brand that had product excellence and customer satisfaction. We want to pass on our experience in designing and producing products that represent our core values. Essench started as a retail business but we quickly discovered our love for the formulation and manufacture of natural products. We loved working with natural ingredients so much we both worked towards being qualified Herbalist. We recieved our qualifications in 2021.

Our award-winning formulas, herbal infusions, and cosmetic products are all developed in-house, are cruelty-free, palm oil-free, vegan-friendly, and use ethically sourced ingredients. We now use our expertise to assist people to build their perfect natural beauty brand, giving them as much help as they need in taking their ideas to fruition, and ensuring complete legal compliance to sell them online and on the high street.

Christina and Jenny founders of essench
Christina & Jenny, Qualified Herbalist and Essench Founders
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The Heart Of Essench

The Heart of ESSENCH

All the ingredients we use in our formulas are naturally sourced from nature so, for this reason, we want to protect it the best we can. Sustainability is at the heart of every task.

We are so conscientious about sustainability, we incorporate methods of protecting our planet into everything we do here at Essench. Not only do we use sustainable packaging and packing materials, but even the chemicals and products we use to clean our lab is carefully selected to have the least amount of impact on the environment.

We also use minimal machinery to manufacture the products including manual labelling and filling equipment to reduce the amount of energy that we use to produce the products.



We Are  Approved As A Supplier by the Complementary Medical Association

In order for a company to be accepted by The CMA as an Approved Supplier, the company needs to demonstrate a genuine commitment to ethical trading, safety, sustainability, excellence of products and services.  In addition, the company will need to demonstrate that they have a genuine desire to contribute towards the development and growth of the complementary medical and natural health sector. 

We are proud members that wear our badge with pride


Certified CMA Suppler
Plant Based all natural Cosmetics
vegan Friendly cosmetics
palm oil free cosmetics

Our Ingredients

What We Don't USe

What We Don't Use

There are certain ingredients that we will not work with either because they do not comply with our values or we feel they do more harm to the skin than good. These include Sulphates & Parabens, Fragrance Oils, Microbeads,any animal or by products of an animal.
Ethically Sourced ingredients

Ethically Sourced

All ingredients are sourced from only a handful of UK suppliers as we keep our supply chains as small as possible due to our vetting policies regarding animal testing and vegan friendly credentials. 


We enjoyed growing our own food so much that we now plan on growing as many of our raw ingredients on our organic allotment as we can, this way we get to control the quality of the plant extracts we use in your products. Follow our social media and watch us grow.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Plant

The main aim is to reduce our waste along with our environmental impact, we do this by working with our clients to promote Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in their brand by using refill options and plastic free packaging solutions. More and more shoppers are becoming conscious of the impact businesses have towards the environment. Below are just a few examples of how we are contributing to the environmental ethos at the heart of Essench.

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Lets Recap

Energy conscious

energy conscious

It’s not just our ingredients that are conscious, so are our processes including manual operated machinery. We want to create jobs not take them away

focused on wellness

Wellness  Focus

Work with our herbalists to create products that not only promote healthy skin but also stimulate the mind with aromatherapy blends

cosmetic packaging design


No head aches of searching around to complete different tasks to get your brand launched, we cover it all including design and compliance


After Care

We are a personal service who work with clients to make a positive impact on the industry and build long term relationships to continue to make a difference

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