Wow, honestly, I’ve been using oils for over 5 years now on my beard and this is up there with the best! The scent is amazing, lasts all day long without being too overpowering, Gorgeous cinnamon and sweet orange, again cinnamon can be a strong powerful scent but this is perfectly used so it lingers and doesn’t overpower.

The sweet orange is so refreshing, every beard product shelf needs a fruit based oil and this needs to be in there.

Base oils are hemp seed oil and coconut fractionated oil which are full of omega essential fatty acids and vitamin D which act as an anti inflammatory which keeps the skin and hair in perfect condition.
All vegan friendly, cruelty free and hand made locally.
10/10 👌

Danny Daniel

Having been given the opportunity to sample the hair serum last week, I was really looking forward to seeing what it could do! I use it every other day before bed, and then wash it off in the morning. I’ve always had enough hair fall out when washing to produce a wig, however since using this, my hair loss is minimal. My hair is in lovely condition, really soft and seems to be easier to manage. Can’t praise Essench products enough. Keep up the good work girls!

Jo Skinner

As the weather has drastically changed this serum has helped, it really does benefit dry hair..

I have use it 2x times now and i really am loving the results! It has made my hair extra soft&it a lil really does go a long way leaving it shiny.

This product does have a very floral smell to it which I love.

I rate this definitely 10/10 ✨

Anayha Naomi

I have recently been using the muscle and temple rub (CBD balm).

I feel amazing and can definitely see the benefits from using it. If you suffer frm any aches pains or anything related to illness or injuries. Give the balm a try. 🙏🏽👍🏽

Troy Williamson, Professional Boxer

It’s been about 2 weeks now since using the hair serum and it’s the first time my hair has looked healthy, thick and not falling out all over the place anymore. Knowing I don’t need any other high street products, it’s not full of harmful chemicals and smells unreal!! Can’t recommend this product enough! Thank you for saving what’s left of my hair and giving it a new life 

Yasmin Morgan

This is a lovely, dry, non-greasy oil (nobody wants a greasy beard) that leaves the skin soft to the touch which is the primary purpose of a beard oil to nourish and soften the skin.

I’ve used the oil for a week now and my skin and the root of my beard feels great! The scent, Cinnamon and Sweet Orange, a perfect combination stays with you all day. 

This is a daily must for your beard and has become easily my favourite.

Kevan Johnson-Day

We have been working with Essench CBD for just over a year, and we can’t recommend them enough.

As a brand their all natural products are fantastic, and actually work! The feedback we have had from our own customers, specifically about the Intense Hair Serum and the day and night CBD Oils has been phenomenal. As a company Essench are one of our favourite brands to work with, due to their professionalism, knowledge and their willingness to go above and beyond. If you are new to CBD or a regular user, Essench CBD products should definitely be on your list.

Michelle Da Silva