So I turned to Cannabis….

Now that you’re here, let me tell you a little about myself and my journey (thus far) with my really rather useful companion, CBD.
I was diagnosed with Endometriosis six years ago and also have a prolapsed disc.

This eventually led to a ghastly six-week period where I lost all feeling in my legs.
The sheer amount of prescription medication required to manage the pain (sometimes as many as 28 pills a day) would I feared,lead to a further erosion of my health, and negatively impact upon my livelihood.

I’m a qualified electrician, I was always on the road, yet I simply could not drive or undertake my work safely whilst choking down such a heavy load of tablets.

So I turned to Cannabis.

I’m not ashamed to tell you that I smoked cannabis for at least five years and found it to be a far more beneficial option. My pain was managed, I could drive, work too, above all, I was a (mostly) healthy and happy person again.

A brutal flare-up of endometriosis in 2018 led to my researching further into cannabis. I soon discovered the use of oils and noted that, as effective as smoking it had been for me, I was not utilising the full range of benefits from the plant by consuming it in that fashion.

My business partner (and fiancé!) Jenny and I began to mix our own recipes. Hemp Seed Oil, some Coconut Oil, a little CBD.

I noticed results and we started to experiment in other beneficial uses of CBD.

Years of manual work from my previous trade combined with the blemishes that often occur due to a hormone imbalance common to endometriosis, led to my poor skin complexion and abused hands.


Jenny and I developed a range of original and distinct formulas for CBD-infused skincare products, our first, REVIVAL Moisturising Cream.
The popularity of this cream amongst family and friends provided the challenging (but most welcome) push into extending our line of CBD skincare.

We now offer hair care products, exfoliating scrubs, lip balms and bath bombs.
Somewhere along the line we formally founded our business, Essench CBD Cosmetics.


After just 4 months of trading we were overjoyed when our INTENSE Hair Serum made it into the final five of the ‘World CBD Innovation’ category at the World CBD Awards in Barcelona in 2019. 

We’re a family-created and run business and we’d like nothing more than for our children to one day continue the work that we’ve started.

This endeavour has allowed our family to reflect on our impact upon the environment and how we can live more healthily.

Our formulas and products are all developed in-house. They’re all cruelty free, palm oil free, are vegan friendly and use ethically sourced ingredients.
We are hoping to expand our little allotment to home-grow herbs and botanicals to incorporate into our
products in the future.


We hold very strong views as to the beneficial environmental effects of sustainability.
Our products have been created from a blessing that nature provides after all.

We feel then that its our responsibility to pay that back by, but not limited to, reducing our
carbon footprint, reducing waste, offering refill options for many of our products and looking for sustainable replacement materials.

As such, in a September 2019 post (loud and proud on our Instagram account), we stated that we were aiming to drastically reduce the use of plastic from our packaging.

In March 2020, we took a huge step towards that goal by replacing ALL of the plastic containers our products use with a glass or aluminium substitute.
We’re tirelessly working to find innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions to remove plastic from our packaging entirely.
Unhappy with the look of the products but well aware that the quality was there, we’re now able to create all of our labels inhouse. An investment from a local firm has allowed us to take this step so to them, our thanks!
The humble Bee pollinates 90% of humanities food crop. Therefore we’re delighted to announce that we’ve both sponsored new bee hives (and their new Bee Keeper) at a local allotment.

Its important that a safe place is available from which bee’s can provide
their vital service.

We continue to develop new products and gain more research data so we can then pass on more help to our customers.

We aim to provide support and guidance to our local (and wider) community and help with general wellness.

Essench CBD Cosmetics endorses the aims of the Seed The Future organisation, that is, to decriminalise the use of (nonpsychoactive) Hemp in the creation of a multitude of products that would provide help to our national economy, improve the public health and support the environment.