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In collaboration with SimplySeed we are announcing an environment-changing free gift. 

This Summer we aim to stretch our reach further and help others protect the local environment by giving our native bees more food this Summer and our birds a food source into Autumn and Winter.

90% of wild plants and 75% of our global crops depend on animal pollinations. Bees are one of our biggest groups of pollinators yet we do very little to protect their food source and environment. Creating bee-friendly buffet is a great way of helping them do their job, and keep our natural food chain in balance.

We have 200 packets of sunflower seeds to share with our customers and collaborators this Summer. 

With every purchase, we will send out a packet of 10 amazing Ruby Passion sunflower seeds for you to grow this Summer. You can enjoy them and their wildlife benefits as you wish.

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Could not recommend this Brand more! Their products are amazing and the results speak for themselves! My personal favourite is the Bath Bombs! They are so relaxing for your muscles and leave your skin feeling beautiful😍.

Mollie Constable – Trust Pilot Review 



We have been hard at work on a brand new range of products. Our new range features some of nature’s finest herbs and botanicals. We are launching a line of new skin-therapy soap range as well as some brand-new bathbombs.